Beauty Favorites | August Edition


Hi my Amazing Loves,

This will be a short post but hopefully you still like it


These are my favorite beauty products of this month ofAugust, and I have been using these all year, so lets get started with the eyes, and work our way down to luscious lips.

One of my favorite mascaras has to be Maybellines Big Eye Mascara. I have really big “Owl Eyes” (its okay I embrace them) and using this product really enhances them. I really have been using this for 8 months, and can’t put it down. My next favorite is the Forever 21 Rouge Lipstick. I love a really BOLD lip, so you can imagine how I would love this lipstick. While on the “lip tip” I also love the nude matte lipstick by ELF which was only $2. My last favorite is this Jordan Sparks parfume which I got for Christmas, and have been in love with ever since.

Well thats it guys, I hope you enjoyed/ or are enjoying this post, be back tomorrow because I have a very special post that I haven’t done in quite a while. Also tell me whats your favorite August product in the comments below.



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