Halloween 🎃👀Look


Hi Lovelies,
I missed you guys so much, it feels like literally foreverbut Im back, and I get to start with my favorite holiday Halloween.

Halloween was just 3 days ago, and I’m still recovering from getting Chocolate Wasted, and binge watching American Horror Story but this year I plan to be something very different. On halloween, I’m usually something very simple a skeleton, princess, etc, but this year I wanted to be something very creepy. This year I decided to be a combination of Twisty the clown, AHS Freakshow, and Harley Quinn’s( if they had a lovechild). I have been in love with AHS since the beginning (By the way have you been loving AHS HOTEL- LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS) and I wanted to pay homage to that show.

O O T D- D E T A I L S
• Shirt- Charlotte Russe
• Pants/Joggers- Burlington Coat Factory
• Jewelry- Charlotte Russe / Forever 21

I had some help with my costume, by some of my favorite youtubers- you can check them out👇👇
Collage 2015-11-02 10_40_02
•Bethany Mota
•Ashely Wagner

Well, that’s all for my Halloween post, like this post, and comment if you LOVE AHS HOTEL😍😍



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