October Favorites Pt 2 | Vampy Look





Hi Lovelies,

I Love the Fall, I recently been in between choosing the perfect beauty products which is very difficult, and I found some awesome products that I can’t wait to show you guys, so lets get started.

Neutrogena Foam Facial Wash, I love this product, I use it daily and its perfect to use after those long days of wearing makeup, ladies you know. The foam wash is so light, and gets every bit of makeup off, and leaves my face feeling super refreshed. I brought thus at Target for only $5 (Ummmm!!! Hello thats an amazing deal).

Freida Pinto L’Oreal Nude Lipstick This color is perfect for the Fall, I mean come on, Nudes have been worn by the biggest name in Hollywood Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Ciara, Gigi Hadid, J.lo, if you have nude anything, you’re already on TREND. This lipstick was $8, and I don’t have any regrets on purchasing this lip color.

Covergirl StarWars Collection Okay, the new Star Wars trailer just came out, and the posters for the movie, so when I first heard about the collaboration with Cover Girl Cosmetics, I flipped out. This color is super gorgeous, Its like a really deep Plum color, and its really smooth on the lips, So that’s great. Oh!! QUICK TIP: I really wanted this color to be matte, so I put a little powder on top of the lipcolor and it gives you a deep Vampy matte lip, in an instant. This color is really amazing.

Maybelline NY Fitme Matte Foundation I was always terrified of foundation, because of the trouble of matching skintones, but I’m glad I finally tried this particular one out. The fitme matte foundation applies very smooth, and is complete coverage, which is amazing. I used this and I was looking to breakout,(just because of my sensitive skin) but this did not break me out at all, so this was definitely a great buy.

Maybelline Ny Browdrama I have naturally thick eyebrows, and it seems thick eyebrows have become the trend of the century, thanks Adriana, Cara, Kerry, and Freida Kalo,LOL. But, I really wanted to define my natural “Wolf-like appearance” when I brought Browdrama, I didn’t know what I was doing, so I looked on the website, to get pointers and I literally, became a pro overnight. I really love this product, its super easy to use and lasts all day,which is great for those long school days.


Shirt- Dresslink
Pants- Burlington Coat Factory
Jewelry- Bracelets- Charlotte Russe | Rings- Forever 21


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