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Hi Lovelies,

As you can guest I’m back with yet, another post ( you know I can’t stay away from you guys) and its just my favorites and different things brought in the month of November. So, there is something else Special I want to share with you, but I’ll tell you guys at the end of the post.


  1. Okay, if you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a huge Shoefanatic, so these Just Fab shoes I got (Thanks to my mom) are a pretty big deal. I always wanted a pair of Just Fab shoes, but I never really thought they had a different selection than Shoedazzle, but comes to find out they do. These specific sneakers are named Nera they are all White with a little gold here and there. These sneakers fit perfectly and being that winter is approaching in just a couple weeks, these shoes are perfect for the upcoming season.


I mean can these shoes get any more perfect

2. My second pair of shoes from Just Fab are very “florals in Versailles” kind of Vibe. These sneakers are super floral, and though flowers are mostly Spring/Summer Print, these shoes gives me Fall/ Winter trend. These shoes are named Zannia and they are super amazing. I love the matte touch to the shoe, I feel like they could literally match with anything in my closet.


3. My next product, is a Pink handbag I got off my favorite website, JollyChic. This website is so great, they have amazing apparel, and it’s in great condition. Sometimes when you purchase something it doesn’t look like the pictures, and that’s what I was afraid of when I started my collaboration with Jollychic. I really like this site, the quality of the items are great, so I’ve learned to really like this site, they really do have great merchandize. This handbag has 4 compartments,which is great for people who carry their life in their purse, me being one of those people.


4. My last product I just received thanks to BrandBacker. I haven’t used it just yet, I wanna save that for a later post, maybe when I’m not so stuffed from Thanksgiving leftovers. Well, the product I received is based in the beauty category, and its Hask products. The Hask hair treatment comes with Conditioner, Shampoo, Deep Conditioner treatment, and a serum. I can’t wait to lather my hair with this Macadamia Oil treatment.


I love that it came with a drawstring bag❤




• So, you know that special news, My Jollychic Collaboration comes with perks for my readers. I will be hosting a giveaway, for Jollychic, $20 will be going to the winner. I mean who doesn’t want free money, all you have today is leave your name and email and a winner be chosen.(super simple)- I will keep you posted on any new updates❤❤❤








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