Hask Macadamia Oil-Review

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Hi Lovelies, 

So, I’ve recently was selected to review the Macadamia Oil entire collection cue Screams, I was super surprised, at how amazing it worked. Me being a splurger (yep!!its not a word but, I’m sticking to it) on hair products, herbal essence, OGX, Head and Shoulders, etc. Without further or do, let’s get into this hair review (check me out😎)


I mean the packaging is a YASS!!! from me. Hask Beauty products comes with A Shampoo, Conditioner, Keratin treatment Leave in Conditioner, and a Shine Hair Oil.

The Hask Macadamia oilHair kit is meant to hydrate and protect your hair, as well as, leave your hair smelling like Vanilla ( I mean..SOLD). When I began using the Shampoo, I instantly Loved it. I only used a dab of it, and it lathered my hair in seconds. I usually do a hot to cold wash, just to keep proteins in my hair, but do what ever works for you.



The Macadamia Oil Conditioner requires you to leave it in for 2 minutes before rinsing it out. I did just that, I massaged it for 2 minutes, and it felt really great on my hair, it was not harsh, sticky, or thick. It was very light.


After a Cold Rinse, its time for the Deep Condition, which you leave in for 10 minutes EXACTLY. Using this really shows results in a matter of minutes. It left my hair super light, and instead of blow drying my hair, its like using this product, I can let my hair air dry instead. After 10 minutes you can rinse again, and began drying your hair.


(Don’t get distracted by the beautiful models)

Now for the fun part STYLING. Using the Vanilla Nut Shine Hair Oil, you can pick your weapon of choice Flat Iron or Curling Rollers, either way your resulting product will be flawless. I used the shine hair oil on my hair while I straightened it, and the ending product was amazing. Its super rich in texture, so you only need a drop. This oil is a gift from hair Gods. ( I will add pics to my Instagram to show you my results) I really recommend everyone try this hair product, and promise that once you use, you’ll never want to go back to your old hair routines.


Here is the link to splurge on an amazing product.


Hope you enjoyed my post, like this post, and feel free to comment your favorite hair products. 


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