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pr samples provided by Beautyspin, all opinions are my own.


Hi Lovelies,

So recently I have been getting my hands on alot of new products, and this haul is definitely one where I got to try brands I completely don’t buy, but I’m here to tell you if the products were a total Bye or Buy.

First product I was excited to try was the Oriflame Volare Perfume. I have heard of the perfume line before, but they don’t typically sell it in the US. This perfume is so good, it smells really nice, its long lasting in scent, it smells like when you buy something brand new and a mixture of baby powder. Anyways this is definitely a BUY!


2016-04-22-10-48-19Next product I got were 2 Lipshades, the first is a matte color in the shade “Flamingo”. Lets talk about that one first, I have been living for the matte shades and this color was so amazing. First the color is very pigmented its very riche in color. I love this shade,Bourjois is known for having very pigmented shades so I was very excited to try it. It looks like a cross over of red and hot pink, and the swatch shown is just as pretty on the lips. This shade is definitely a BUY! The next color however is not the Bourjois shade “Pinking about it” which is great. The color is more of a moisturizer and very light on the lips, if you’re into Maybelline’s Whisper shades then you’ll love this shade, but for me this was not a Buy it was a “Girl Buy.”



Well that’s all, I hope you enjoyed my Beauty post, be sure to Like and comment telling me your favorite summer trend.( also, If you haven’t heard, I have a 20% off code for MAKE beauty. If you use the code *MAKEYOURSELF you have 20%off your entire purchase, and it lasts until the end of the month. Enjoy!!

PS. What’s your favorite trend from Coachella?



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