Face on Fleek (Beauty Spin Haul) #Summerslayin


PR Samples are provided by Beautyspin, all opinions are my own.

Hi Loves,

IT’S FINALLY SUUMMMERRR!! Yasss goodbye sweater weather, Hello Mirrored sunnies and Shorts. I have been loving the weather, and with the weather changing, so is my makeup trends.

I know its visible that I have a slight obsession with Beautyspin, but I just can’t help myself, I mean great prices, quality products, & Makeup (I mean nuf’ said). I could go on & on about how much I love this site, but I want to keep this post short and sweet. Enjoy

So recently, I had the chance to review my newest picks of the month, and I wanted to pick brands I absolutely never try on the daily basis. Lets start with the eyes.


If I’m not wearing a ton of makeup, you can bet I’ll have my eyebrows on fleek #browsonfleek, am I right. I got the Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil in the shade Dark Brown. I really love this product, and trust Mama don’t play about her brows. I am a strict nyx girl when it comes to my brows, but this worked really well. It wasn’t harsh on my brows, and glided during application, it wasn’t rought like other brow pencils. I think Rimmel London might be a new go to, oh! The price was $4 (I mean the price speaks for itself).

Next is another Rimmel London product, its the Rimmel London Lip Contouring pencil in Coffee Bean. I love a great Lip Liner, this is beyond the galaxy. Like I said I really don’t usually go for Rimmel London, (unless it’s a lipstick) but this lip contouring pencil works wonders, the shade is gorgeous, the pigmentation is amazing, & the formula is very velvet “like.”  I love using this, and I’ve seriously only been using it for like a week.. I know the Love game is strong.

Next, I got the Balm cosmetics, Meet Matt(e) Hughes lip shade in Charming. I have NEVER tried anything from the balm collection, so this was my first ever product. This lipstick is so gorgeous, and pigmented, this may be on the list of favorite matte lipsticks. The color is so riche and creamy, and its super matte, Like it takes seconds to dry. I really like the color, and formula of the lipstick, the application is very creamy, and drys to a smooth matte finish. I did swatch all the shades.👇👇👇



Left to Right:

The first heart Top Left is the Rimmel London Contour Lip liner (Coffee Bean), Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil (dark brown), and bottom Heart: the Meet Matt(e) Hughes ( Charming)


Lastly, I can thank my favorite Beauty Lover, Jeffree Star for this last product. I got me a setting spray and I used to didn’t really worry to much about my makeup, but it’s getting hot, and my makeup need to be on fleek. If Jeffree Star swears by it, it must be good. I’ve been using this Avon setting spray, and it works really good. When it comes to setting spray, it doesn’t have to be fancy, it simply has to work, and this does. I love it so much.


I hope you enjoyed my Beauty post, if you liked any item in the post or makeup in general, check out Beautyspin. Tell me what you lOve about Summer??



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