Product Review | Fragrance Outlet_ Bamboo Perfume by Franck Olivier



“A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting” – Christian Dior


I have been collaborating with tons of big companies since the summer has started, most recently with Brandbacker. For the past two weeks I got the chance to try the Bamboo perfume by Franck Olivier, given by the Fragrance Outlet X Brandbacker.

When it comes to perfumes, I’m a huge hoarder, whether high end or cheap. The Fragrance Outlet is a huge department of designer perfumes ranging in the more luxury price range ( YASS! Expensive). So ,  when purchasing my BAMBOO perfume the price was nearly $80, so that basically says a lot about the perfume and the Fragrance Outlet (NOTHING IS CHEAP).

The Bamboo Perfume by Franck Olivier is literal perfection. I love perfumes that last all day, but not to overpowering, this scent is strong, but not to the point where its choking me. The smell is very floral and environmental, which is the perfect scent for the summer. Also, can we talk packaging! When my package arrived it the presentation was KILLING IT! I love packages in general, but the perfume came in a neat box, topped with a bow.




I Love the shape of the bottle, and the design has a little Bamboo plant on the bottle, its very minimal and Simple. Also, because I made a purchase I was sent 4 sample perfumes as well.


(The samples were: Thallium, Charriol, Mondaine, and Hermes)

Overall Review:

The Bamboo by Franck Olivier was a great smell, the packaging was amazing, and this scent has become my secret weapon of the summer.

If you would like to try this perfume, or any other perfume brand visit the Fragrance Outlet (here’s the link) Fragrance Outlet

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PR samples were provided by Brandbacker X Fragrance Outlet, all opinions are my own.

Sponsored by Brandbacker


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