Khadijah Davis

Bio: Hi Lovelies, ❤Here's 10 Facts about me❤ 1. I ❤❤Fashion 2. Favorite Style Icon is Gwen Stefano & Zendaya 3. I ❤ making new friends 4. One day I plan to be a designer and travel the biggest fashion capitols of the world. 5. I read Vogue like its my life 6. When blogging I wear glasses(without medicine.. I don't know why its become a habit:-D ) 7. Favorite movie has to be The Devil Wears movie( fave fashion movie) 8. If I follow a fashion blog, I actually take notes on beauty and fashion( thank you blogging friends) 9. I have almost a whole collection of Maybelline products. 10. Favorite designers of all time Valentino, DVF, Dior, and Emillio Pucci❤❤ - Hope you enjoy my 10 facts❤ My beautiful friends I have been blogging for 2 years about what I love which are fashion, celebrities, beauty, and red carpets. Here you get your daily dosage of basically everything you love❤❤ - If you would like to connect Inquiries- FashionistaQueen17@gmail.com Or we can be friends through social media. Instagram- http://www.Instagram.com/_passionforprada_ FB- http://www.Facebook.com/Passionforprada ❤❤

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