Healthy Skin for the holidays | Neutrogena

Happy 2018, Babes !!

Job, house, car….clear skin?? Things I continuously wish for every year, but this year, 1 out of the 4 wishes came true. Neutrogena launched it’s Healthy skin line of makeup. When it comes to Neutrogena, they always reinvent their formulas, which is why I keep buying from this brand. I got a chance to work with Neutrogena and test out a few of there new products from their collection, here are my thoughts.


Neutrogena Healthy Skin® Liquid Makeup provides luminous, natural-looking. The formula contains an exclusive blend of antioxidants including Vitamin E, Natural Soy and Feverfew Extract along with Broad Spectrum SPF 20 to visibly improve luminosity, tone and texture over time for healthier looking skin – making Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup better for your skin than wearing no makeup at all. Available in 14 shades. 

Neutrogena Healthy Skin® Liquid Makeup offers advanced cosmetic solutions that go beyond covering up imperfections and work to transform complexions, blending seamlessly to provide lightweight, breathable and flawless-looking coverage, for fresh and luminous looking skin.

Neutrogena has developed a line of liquid foundations that will fight against the brisk cold and sunny days. The foundation is enriched with Vitamin E, soy, and fever few, all ingredients that help perfect the radiance and natural glow of the skin.


Neutrogena Healthy Skin liquid foundation

I was sent 3 foundations from the healthy skin line in shades: Honey, Warm Beige, and natural tan. My skin looses all of my summer glow during the winter so, imagine switching back and forth between foundations, a headache, right? The shades were all perfect, when I started blending with my Artis brush, I thought crap, it’s showing all my pores, and its really wet, but I started buffing it out more, and it started to settle in, which was a relief, so no worries. The neutrogena healthy skin foundation is really great when it comes to the formula, and the consistency of the formulas all together.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost hydration concealer

One thing the winter does, is intensify dry skin, something that is not wanted, by popular vote. I love using this concealer, the concealer is creamy, and rich in pigment. Though it has intense pigment, it does not look cake-y, using this over top of my foundation looked gorgeous. Some concealers have a tendency to move my foundation, after applying it, but the hydro boost adds brightness to the foundation, and allows it to blend beautifully.

Neutrogena Healthy Volume mascara

Being that I have tried a TON of mascaras high & low priced, only a few have actually lived up to expectations. The Neutrogena volume mascara, is formulated with Olive oil, which helps with the overall plump look of each individual lash. I love the wand, for the mascara, all the bristles are evenly spread over the brush, which hits every lash. The mascara and the wand are packaged separately, and allows you to see how much product is dispersed on it. The product, when applied to the lashes, doesn’t feel like wax, it  has more moisture to it, so it doesn’t give that clumpy look to my lashes. Overall great product, and well recommended.

Neutrogena nourishing long wear eyeshadow | Healthy Skin Blush | Healthy Skin Primer

Along with the neutrogena collection I received an eye shadow palette, a skin perfecting primer, and a blush. Lets start with the neutrogena eyeshadow, I got the shade Cool plum, and that comes with 4 shades. This palette is great for traveling and also quick looks, that won’t take hours. All the shades contain shimmer, but the pigment is great. With every great eyeshadow, there will be fallout, but when a shade is super rich, it happens! I love how all the shades are coordinate with each other, and also that the shades are infused with a primer, the primer helps the pigment come through more, as well as feel buttery rather than chalk-y. The Healthy skin primer was my favorite thing to try out. This skin primer appears as a tinted moisturizer, but as I rubbed it in, it absorbed into my skin, also completely rid me of my dry skin. This primer adds complete moisture to the skin, while also leaving the tackiness for a well applied foundation. This primer contains SPF 15, it gives me the protection I need. Wearing this alone, would appear as a base and a sheer foundation, which for some days, is all I can get to #schooldayz. Blush is not something that regularly reach for, but in this case I’ll make an exception, I was sent the Neutrogena healthy skin blush, I got shade 20, which is a cool blush pink tone. The blush almost has a sheen effect over the skin, as well as a shimmer.I really like this blush, it is very buttery, and soft, it doesn’t look chalk-y and blends into my make up nicely. 


This New year, I got to recreate 1 of 4 looks using the Healthy skin line, and what better way to ring in new beginnings with healthy skin. Choosing from a the makeup artist( Carola Gonzalez, Angela Levin, and Amy Oresman) who does, Nicole Kidman, Kerry Washington, and Eiza Gonzalez, I chose to pick none other than Olivia Pope, Kerry Washington deep plum look. This look was so much fun to create, as you can see the makeup is blended to perfection, and this was a 1,2 ,3…step process, the longest time spent was on eyelashes. 


Products Used: 

Neutrogena Healthy skin liquid foundation ( Honey) | Neutrogena Hydration Concealer | Healthy Skin primer | Neutrogena Long wear eyeshadow + primer |

I hope you enjoyed my NYE look + Neutrogena haul, be sure to check out how to get this look or any of the 4 looks on the Neutrogena website, they have the face charts that show you step by step products to use. 

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Summer Makeup Collab


HI Loves,

So Madi (MaditheMermaid) organized a little summer collab on creating a summer look, with a pop of color. This was a very fun collaboration among some of my favorite bloggers.

So when I start my makeup I usually start with my eyes and work my way around.

EYEBROWS: I use the L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer | shade- Dark Brunette (after getting my brows even I conceal them with the NYX dark circle concealer).

EYES: After concealing my brows I drag the remaining concealer down until it covers my entire lid. Then I use my Maybelline Nude Palette. I used the Luminous Feline by L’Oreal for my lashes


I use a piece of scotch tape to stay within the line, I then start my crease line. The 4 shades within the heart I mixed to create the shade in my crease, then you just build as much as you want, DON’T FORGET TO BLEND!

The eyeliner I use is the L’Oreal Infallible in the shade| Jet Black

FACE: After creating my eyes then we can move to Foundation.

Foundation– Chanel Ultra wear Flawless Foundation in Shade | 30 Beige ( I got this as a sample in my new issue of Glamour and had to try it, I recommend this, you don’t need much, its so smooth on the skin and the application is very nice). To lock in my foundation I used the Studio Gear Dual Identity Mineral powder

CONTOUR: I used the Rimmel London Kate Contour kit.


LIPS: I used 2 of the NYX soft matte shades.

HIGHLIGHT: I used the balm Mary Lou Manizer highlight over top of the NYX  born to glow liquid highlight. (Imagine the HIghlight)


The finishing product

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October Favorites Pt 2 | Vampy Look





Hi Lovelies,

I Love the Fall, I recently been in between choosing the perfect beauty products which is very difficult, and I found some awesome products that I can’t wait to show you guys, so lets get started.

Neutrogena Foam Facial Wash, I love this product, I use it daily and its perfect to use after those long days of wearing makeup, ladies you know. The foam wash is so light, and gets every bit of makeup off, and leaves my face feeling super refreshed. I brought thus at Target for only $5 (Ummmm!!! Hello thats an amazing deal).

Freida Pinto L’Oreal Nude Lipstick This color is perfect for the Fall, I mean come on, Nudes have been worn by the biggest name in Hollywood Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Ciara, Gigi Hadid, J.lo, if you have nude anything, you’re already on TREND. This lipstick was $8, and I don’t have any regrets on purchasing this lip color.

Covergirl StarWars Collection Okay, the new Star Wars trailer just came out, and the posters for the movie, so when I first heard about the collaboration with Cover Girl Cosmetics, I flipped out. This color is super gorgeous, Its like a really deep Plum color, and its really smooth on the lips, So that’s great. Oh!! QUICK TIP: I really wanted this color to be matte, so I put a little powder on top of the lipcolor and it gives you a deep Vampy matte lip, in an instant. This color is really amazing.

Maybelline NY Fitme Matte Foundation I was always terrified of foundation, because of the trouble of matching skintones, but I’m glad I finally tried this particular one out. The fitme matte foundation applies very smooth, and is complete coverage, which is amazing. I used this and I was looking to breakout,(just because of my sensitive skin) but this did not break me out at all, so this was definitely a great buy.

Maybelline Ny Browdrama I have naturally thick eyebrows, and it seems thick eyebrows have become the trend of the century, thanks Adriana, Cara, Kerry, and Freida Kalo,LOL. But, I really wanted to define my natural “Wolf-like appearance” when I brought Browdrama, I didn’t know what I was doing, so I looked on the website, to get pointers and I literally, became a pro overnight. I really love this product, its super easy to use and lasts all day,which is great for those long school days.


Shirt- Dresslink
Pants- Burlington Coat Factory
Jewelry- Bracelets- Charlotte Russe | Rings- Forever 21