Trend Report // Is Neon the new Neutral?

Hi Loves.

Neon! How can a color that commands so much attention, now be considered a neutral? The normally saturated tones that usually breaks in the summer time wardrobe agenda, has slowly became the new normal. From street trends to runway, these colorful pigments have progressed among the fashion community, and now what was once only to be worn to raves, parties, and other fun festivities; can now be worn with animal print, and what most would call chic clothing pieces.

In light of preparing for the perfect spring/summer wardrobe here are a few pieces that can be worn any day The effect that neon has on a look is gawking! Once you throw on neon detailing this takes the outfit from minimalist to MAXmalist – The obsession that we have with the colorful pigment has created a colorful world.  From hats and clothing to shoes & accessories this instantly changes the story of your persona.


Missguided Mesh top | ASOS neon crop top | ASOS jersey cropped bikini | SKI Lime reflective Co ord | Boohoo high waisted bell bottoms | Playboy x Missguided panelled joggers | Missguided Mesh bodysuit

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Style Haul // Flashybox

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I got the chance to collaborate with Flashybox, if you don’t know Flashybox is an online shopping experience that provides the latest in fashion; this site carries all, from sneakers to booties, they have what you need to show off each season. I put together a few looks to show how I wear the shoes that I purchased.

I chose 4 variety pairs of shoes, and being that spring is nearly here, I had to update my shoe collection. The first pair I am so excited to show off is these (Kickstart Colorful platform sneakers) these shoes are perfect for the season. The shoes are comfortable, the dad sneakers are definitely a fashion trend that should be on everyone’s shopping list, stars like Gigi, Yara, Kendall; have all stepped out in these sneakers. The colorful platforms are super vibrant and great to put with any outfit. These shoes is $39.99, the quality of these shoes are beyond amazing

The next pair I got was (Cape Robbin Block high heels) in Mustard! Now, anybody who knows me, know I LOVE MUSTARD! These shoes remind me of 90’s spring fashion, and I rep my 90’s era. When it comes to springtime sandals whether high or low, you don’t start until you have the perfect pair of sandals. These shoes are so comfortable; wearing these with dresses, pants, shorts, etc. will turn heads. These sandals retail for $29.

Lastly I ordered 2 pairs of slides; one pair in yellow and the other in black, The yellow pair (Cape Robbin | Snake Sides) are ah!mazzing these are so comfortable, and the snakeskin adds a chic flair to any outfit. The black sandals favor Birkenstock sandals which have been trending for a while now.

Be sure to check out their website, they have a variety of styles to choose from! Be sure tolikke and comment your favorite Spring shoe style?(btw.. mine is block sandals)


Spring into Denim!

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Finally the time for warm weather is here, wardrobe adjustment anyone. There are a ton of trends that come and go, but Denim is here to stay! I can’t tell you how many pairs and cuts of jeans I have, from boot-cut to high rise, mom jean to boyfriend, I think denim checks every box when it comes to versatility. Denim is a all time classic fabric that plays well with any trend, color, or style. I have prepared a few denim favorites that will work well with any spring collection.

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Besthairbuy| Extensions



B E Y O N C E , L A D Y G A G A, R I H A N N A…anything comes to mind? Lets put aside the fact that they’re all Q U E E N S, and great performers. Well, being that this is about hair, these women are known for whipping hair, and being style icons.

Hair extensions are the rage of the hair world, besthairbuy hair extensions are not only a boost to play with length & volume, but if you’re into switching up your styles constantly, this is what you want to try. Hair extensions come in wavy, straight, or kinky; curly hair. This is Hair extensions 101.

Bonded Hair extensions, are strands that are bonded or fused w/ natural hair using heat. These hair bonds are detachable, and safe to use, the only thing is once taken out you’re not able to reuse them. 

Tape in Hair extensions, are wefts of hair attached to double sided tape, which is then attached to your natural hair. You’re able to part your hair, and place the tape wherever you want length, it is completely harmless to hair strands.

Sew in, this is the most popular styling of the hair extensions. Your natural hair is braided and the hair extensions are then, sewn into the braids. The braiding styles determine if you want a side part, or if you want the option of putting your in a ponytail. When getting a sew in you still have to wash it, because this is not a long lasting style. The sew in can last for a few months.

Besthairbuy hair extensions, should be cared for just as natural hair. Hair extensions keep your natural hair protected for heat, and environmental damages, but still if not cared for hair extensions can lead to hair shedding, thinning. Be as gentile as possible when styling weave, no pulling or tugging, because the hair can be tangled and cause slippage at the root.

Pricing varies to not only the style choice, but the type of hair you purchase, synthetic hair tends to be cheaper and tangle easily, but as for fun colors, or something temporary synthetic hair can be the better option, for all my unicorns this is for you. Human hair can cost hundreds of  $$$, but this is more natural looking, & last for a longer period of time.

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