Summer Shoe Trends 2020 // From Square toe sandals to Block heels // ft. Flashybox

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I love shoes (as much as the next person) but lately it seems that comfort and quarantine has made an adjustment to my, collectively the shoe department. Everywhere I go has left me wearing sweats, a t shirt, and a pair of slide sandals and do I regret my style choices ─  HELL NAW ! But as I count the days, I am immediately switching my socks & sandals for the trendiest of shoes of 2020.

As 2020 settles into warm weather and sunny days, I think its safe to say that the trends for shoes has shifted to Bold prints and comfortable silhouettes. ( Bye bye high heels, and say hello to kitten heels, mules, and sneakers).

Let’s talk heels for a second, Being that this is the year of canceling; I hereby cancel uncomfortable footwear for this season and the seasons to come. Instead of sky high stilettos it looks like the shoe trends have reverted back to the simple styles of the 90’S ── and lets face it the era of fashion can do no wrong. Read on to see the bold selections that I have chosen from Flashybox, and I can assure you, they are all worth trying.

Town square on your knee heeled sandals |

90’s trends are thriving! I don’t know how many times I have discussed these styles of shoes, but here I go again; the square toe sandals is a MUST in fashion. When it comes to these simplistic yet sexy shoes, they are easily the most comfortable heel I ever styled ─ they can be dressed up or paired with jeans and a t shirt; they check all the boxes for being the best trend there is comfort, style, silhouette, comfort, comfort, and did I mention comfort. These shoes are great if you’re just trying out this style for the first time and if it’s not I recommend buying more in various of colors. These shoes were $40 even and being that other brands like Bogetta Veneta, Raid, and Chanel all carry the same style but not the same pricing this from Cape Robbin is a definite steal.

Negative High Heel Strappy Ankle Sandal

Okay, everything that I said about high heels doesn’t apply to these heels. When it comes to heels what do you look for comfort? color? height? fit? Well to answer all those question Yes this heel has all those factors ─ and don’t let the heel height fool you, these shoes are comfortable and friendly on the arch. strappy sandals have always been a trend and as for bold ─ well just look at the shoe itself.

Camryn Transparent Vogue Block Heel ─ Mules

Clear heels have been around for a minute now, so I can say that I’m a but late to the trend ─ but now that I finally have a pair I am in LOVE! Kylie Jenner was the first person I seen with these mules by Balenciaga, right there ─ I searched high and low for these shoes, and finally I have them. I love how these shoes are snug on the foot, that means that your foot won’t be sliding against the transparent siding. I ordered these shoes in a 8.5 and it is best to buy a size up, just for fit. These came in blue, pink, and lime green and while all these colors scream summer, nude was the perfect choice.

Beaded Slide Sandal

Slides have taken over my shoe collection, and while they have been in my reach since the year started, these beaded sandals are another kinda reach. I love these sandals they are super comfortable, and easy to dress, but it adds a bit of flavor to your outfit like no other pair of slides could. The black interior makes for a chic appearance while the beads adds the glamour. I can’t wait to style these babies. Oh! they were only $25

I hoped you enjoyed this mini unboxing and also like some of the selections provided. Be sure to Like & Comment your favorite shoe trends of 2020. I recommend checking out FLashybox, and browsing there various selections of shoes for yourself. Trust I can assure you; you’re not going to want to leave empty handed. (BTW I will be styling these in a later post so look out)

Trend Report // Is Neon the new Neutral?

Hi Loves.

Neon! How can a color that commands so much attention, now be considered a neutral? The normally saturated tones that usually breaks in the summer time wardrobe agenda, has slowly became the new normal. From street trends to runway, these colorful pigments have progressed among the fashion community, and now what was once only to be worn to raves, parties, and other fun festivities; can now be worn with animal print, and what most would call chic clothing pieces.

In light of preparing for the perfect spring/summer wardrobe here are a few pieces that can be worn any day The effect that neon has on a look is gawking! Once you throw on neon detailing this takes the outfit from minimalist to MAXmalist – The obsession that we have with the colorful pigment has created a colorful world.  From hats and clothing to shoes & accessories this instantly changes the story of your persona.


Missguided Mesh top | ASOS neon crop top | ASOS jersey cropped bikini | SKI Lime reflective Co ord | Boohoo high waisted bell bottoms | Playboy x Missguided panelled joggers | Missguided Mesh bodysuit

Hope you enjoyed this trend report, be sure to like and comment on this post and let me know if youare Neon – OBSESSED?

LOTD || Morphe 35M Boss Mood palette

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It feels like it’s been forever since I incorporated a makeup look on my blog, but today that changes! I’m in absolute awe of Morphe, they just give me everything I want in makeup, they consist of pigment, brushes, and best of all great prices; like what more can you ask for. Recently I was able to get their old but new 35m Boss Mood palette for $10 during Ulta’s 25 day Christmas countdown, now normally I don’t really partake in this event, but I was in need of some much needed makeup retail therapy. The Boss Mood palette consist of 35 shades from neon green to the blackest of black. I love their collection of shades; the shimmer shades are pigmented AF, and relatively smooth in texture, they glide on the lid so easily and pick up real nice. The other matte shades are really gorgeous, they have a variety of shades neon, army, berry, reds; the only color the palette need was a pink to be damn near perfect.

Anyhow I did create this purple/cranberry look using just about all the purple tones and a few hints of reds. I hope you enjoyed this very minimal post, I’ll be back with more Makeup MOndays!!



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