Best Dressed | The Oscars 2017

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So the most prestigious of award shows came on Sunday night, The Oscars, which was hosted by another great late night host Jimmy Kimmel. This award season has been the year of Late Night hosts, Jimmy Fallon, Kimmel and James Corden all have hosted the biggest award shows this year, and have been amazing, and while I would love to discuss the best moments of last nights show, I will only be discussing fashion, before it get to long of a post. LOL

Now, I love nothing more than talking about my favorite stars and what their wearing, so lets begin!!

“Women in White”

I love a woman in white, it usually looks so beautiful against the red carpet, and normally gets best it’s no surprise these lovely ladies would make it on the list. Naomie Harris, Chrissy Teigen, Karlie Kloss, and more all dawned white gowns, but not only that they Chrissy, Karlie, and Darby all had a long “caped shoulder” design on their gowns, now I loved it, It was so inventive, and reminded me a little of Gwenyth Paltrow in Tom Ford and Lupita Nyong’o in Ralph Lauren. My favorite out of them all was probably Darby Stanchfield in Georges Chakra,  the ruffle pattern at the bottom and along the shoulder was just so gorgeous, and her hair looked amazing with minimal jewels. I just loved her look so amazing.

“Ladies in Red”

Viola Davis and Ruth Negga both looked stunning in red. Viola Davis who wore Armani, looked amazing, she also debuted a sassy short cut, I really loved her look, gown after gown all award season she has looked her best and after winning for her role in fences she is my leading lady, I will now be looking for her to show up every award season, to WOW us with her powerful presence. Ruth Negga wore Valentino for the second time I’m really starting to think she’s the face for the designer brand. ” One time, STUN me < two time SLAY MY LIFE” she absolutely looked so beautiful and she is really winning me over with her beauty. I really love red on red, a lot of people think you can get drowned out, but these women obviously drowned me because LITERALLY DEAD!!LOL

“Hidden Figures”

The “hidden Figures” cast all looked gorgeous Taraji, Janelle, and Kirsten looked super sexy in Black. Taraji P. Henson has been killing the red carpet all season and at the Oscars she showed her award winning look. She wore a black velvet off the shoulder gown by Alberta Feretti. One gown that stole a moment was Janelle in Elie Saab, this intricate and very “complicated” detailed gown looked amazing. We know that black n white are the nominated actresses go to color, but this dress had beautiful hints of colors thanks to the jewels, she couldn’t have looked more beautiful.

“Metallic & Shimmer”

Emma Stone always kills it on the red carpet, she wore Givenchy, which took me for a loop, I thought she was going to Valentino. Emma looked so beautiful, she had so much shimmer fringe that had so much movement, and the camera caught the right light to show all the shimmer effect. Jessica Biel wore a gold Kaufman Franco gown that sparkled and shined. Jessica looked way better than the Oscar it self. I really loved both gowns but I think between the two Jessica’s dress killed it.

Well that’s all I hope you enjoyed my best dressed post. Be sure to “LIKE” this post. Did you watch the Oscars? Who was your best dressed? Who was your worst? let me know in the comments.





L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil haircare: REVIEW


PR Sample Box is provided by Influenster for review, all opinions are my own.


Hi Loves,

It seems like its been forever since I’ve last posted (How are you guys? ), no worries I have a lot of great posting material to talk about with you guys, plus it’s Spring Break for college students, so thats part of why I haven’t been posting, but anyways I have a great review for you guys, by all means lets get started!

So, recently I got my chance to score the L’Oreal Voxbox, and I was so excited to get a box before the product came out in Target.


The L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Collection, Is simply amazing, Lets start with the shampoo, only a quarter dab is all you need whether you have thick or coarse hair. I loved the shampoo, it lathered my hair thoroughly, it smelled super amazing, but thats not the only thing I loved about the shampoo, it also is a shampoo that keeps all nutrients in and not stripping your hair of its natural organics, like some harsh shampoos.


The L’Oreal Nourishing Conditioner, was also a PLUS. While other shampoo/conditioners combos weigh your hair down, the L’Oreal Nourishing Conditioner was super lightweight, it only took a small dab to run through my hair, and it provided full coverage. The conditioner was amazing on my hair, it gave my hair so much volume, and after keeping it in, when I went ro rinse it out, it gave me natural, healthy curls.2016-03-08-14-08-172016-03-08-14-05-15

Lastly, was the Loreal Extraordinary Oil Lustrous Oil Serum (comment *Mouthful in the comments), which is a great protector against heat, and sun damage. I am not a huge fan of split ends, (but really!! What girl is) this is the cure for split ends, heat protector, nutrients, & BONUS it smells so good. I loved this serum, I flat iron my hair almost every other week, and since I’ve been using this I haven’t really had to press it at all (NoFalsies).

Over all this is a really great product, L’Oreal never fails to make great products for hair and beauty, so I give this product 👍👍.

Here is how my hair came out ( this is 2 weeks prior of using it)

My hair is at its best, and today waa technically my “Lazy Day” so this is the simplest hairstyle to do😉😉


To get these great curls, I used my KISS Instawave.

*well that’s it, I hope you enjoyed my review, be sure to like this post, and comment on this post #spon4loreal. OH! Be sure to check out L’Oreal Paris for more products.