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I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, recently the east coast was hit with Hurricane Michael, I hope and pray that everyone was safe, and recovered from that. 

This is a quick “looks” post, I was just playing with some makeup, and wanted to share it with you guys, hope you enjoy it.


Eyes & other stuff

  • Milani cosmetics ( shade *devotion* for my brows)
  • NYX cosmetics wunderbrow concealer shade * light*
  • *Milani liquid lipsticks *devotion* | Makeup Revolution reloaded palette| Haviic cosmetics
  • Elf Volumizing mascara
  • Wispie lashes ( ardell lashes)
  • L’Oreal true match foundation makeup * W7*
  • Black Radiance Contour palette ( light to Medium)
  • Fixate cosmetics * highlighter *


  • Too Faced Melted matte liquid lipsticks * Drop Dead Red*

I hope you enjoyed this quick weekend post, Are you ready for Halloween, let me me know in the comments?



La Perla J’aime la Nuit | First Impressions

Hi Lovelies,

If you’re a perfume Junkie *raise your hand with pride* We all have been there, we find ourselves walking past the perfume and a * Drop Dead Gorgeous* bottle is saying “buy me because I’m Pretty” my entire vanity is full of perfume bottles that just make it like a luxury corner, lol.

I recently got the chance to review the La Perla j”aime la nuit, which in french means ” I love the night” for a better translation. Okay, firstly is this bottle not living up to the beauty standard, this bottle is gorgeous , and smells lovely. I have been looking for this perfume for a while, and when I finally got a chance I didn’t grab, I snatched.  It retails for $60.

The La perla perfume has such gorgeous packaging, it comes in a little black box, with a little rainbow detailing around the name.


I really love the smell of the perfume It kind of smells like the Marc Jacobs Decadence and Dior fragrance had a baby, and this would be the product. The perfume has a musk, but it also smells very sweet in not a overwhelming way.

I really like this perfume overall, it really lives up to perfume expectations, I highly recommend it, for anyone to try.

All products, compliments of Notino, one of my go to for luxury perfumes and Beauty.



theBalm Cosmetics | theBalm Jovi palette & The smoke palette

PR samples are provided by Notino, all opinions and photos are my own.


Hi Lovelies,

I’m back with another beauty haul, today I am going to be reviewing 2 palettes of the Balm cosmetics, Guys! I don’t know how much I rave about this brand, probably a lot, but I was excited to try theBalmJovi palette and the Smoke palette. So, lets get into this review, SHALL WE.



I am a huge “palette girl” I love a great drugstore brand palette, I mean I’m all for luxury brands, but I don’t like being completely broke. The Balm, if I haven’t said it before, this brand has great quality products for great prices.

Okay now for the palette, the Balm Jovi palette is a full face palette that comes with 12 eye shadows , highlighter, blush, and 2 lip shades. I never used a full face palette, I buy products individually, but I feel that this palette has its advantages, I mean you’re paying for a palette that comes literally with everything, and you’re saving a ton of money. This palette retails for $20, which is a great price for the entire palette.

This palette is so amazing the eye shadows have 4 metallic shades, 4 matte, and 4 shimmer shades. All the eye shadow shades are super pigmented, they are very creamy and I love how the shades vary they have light shades, transition shades, and dark shades also they have a few warm tone colors which I live for.


I swatched all the shades and I did have to prime my arm, I never had to do that BTW, but the shadows shows up as they do in the palette. Each swatch is 2 layers so they show up better. Okay, so the shades itself are super pigmented, they all show up nicely, they are not at all chalky, they apply very smooth, and even swatch super creamy. I like that that the palette had 3 different shade finishes ( metallic, matte, and shimmer).

The consistency of this palette is very nice I think the shades are lovely so the swatches are above. (left to right)

The first 4 are all metallic shades_

  • Metallica  ( white Metallic)
  • Iron Maiden ( Golden)
  • Led Zepplin ( Olive Green Metallic)
  • Alice Cooper (Brown w/Mauve undertone Metallic)

I really love these pigmented metallic shades, they are rich in color, and apply so creamy, I also like that they are grouped as heavy metal rock bands, all of whom I’ve listened to a billion times, these shades apply really nice with/out primer, there is a ton of fall out, but what eyeshadow doesn’t.

The MID – 4 Matte

  • Adagio ( very light brown w/white undertone)
  • Allegro (Taupe Brown)
  • Moderato ( Deep matte Purple)
  • Presto (Deep Brown)

So these 4 are all matte shades based on classical music, which is really great. I love the shades, they are very wearable warm tone shades. I like the deep purple that is in the mix. I think the shades are really pretty, the only thing is that these are best with a primer, otherwise they show up super light, barely visible with exception of the deep purple. Overall the classical shades are really nice, and  nice range of shades for the palette.

The last 4 – Shimmer shades

  • Blink 182 ( Nude Brown w/ pink undertone )
  • The Stroke ( Navy Blue)
  • Rem ( Lilac Purple)
  • Third Eye Blinded ( A fair Pink shimmer)

The last 4 are all shimmer shades, these shades are grouped based off popular rock bands. These shades have to be my favorite, they are super pigmented, and out of all the shades these 4 didn’t have as much fall out as the rest. These shades look really pretty with/without primer. The shimmer shades do have a ton of glitter, but I really like the shimmer on my eyes.

Overall the eye shades look really nice, the application of these shades all have a nice creamy consistency, I have to say the metallic shades have to be my favorite, they show up better on my eyes and the color range is wearable day or night.



Next is the Smoke Balm palette, this palette is a great palette for any day, they only contain 3 shades a shimmer black, a warm neutral shade, and a highlight shade. I really like the shades in this palette, the shades are not crazy shades, they are warm tone colors, which I appreciate.

The shades are:

  • Blaze ( shimmer Black)
  • Spark ( Matte taupe brown)
  • Flame ( highlight)

I really like this palette, Blaze and spark are my favorite, they are super pigmented and have a very rich consistency. The shades start off light, so they are buildable, the highlight shade is a little to light for my skin tone, it almost look chalky, but swatch wise its very beautiful, it looks like Ice, its kind of comparable to the champagne pop glow palette.


Here are the swatches of the smoke balm palette.

Well that’s all for my review on the balm jovi and smoke balm palette. Be sure to “LIKE” this post, and tell me if you tried either palette? Do you like THE BALM COSMETICS? If so, whats your favorite product of the brand? Tell me in the comments below.



L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lip Paints


HI Lovelies,

If you’re a beauty addict like me, then you know that liquid lipsticks have taken over in a BLINK! so when I heard about these new liquid paints from L’Oreal, I was so excited.


So L’Oreal came out with the new Infallible Paints collection, which contains a total of 14 different shades. Out of those 14 I only brought 3 of the shades, subtle I know, but I just wanted to test them out, before I went lip crazy!!

The three shades I purchased were Sultry Sangria, Violet Twist, & Bewitching Bordeaux, to stay in the deep grape/plum family.



I think that these lip paints are above & beyond, and they are super pigmented. When I swatched these shades, badly if I may add, they  apply sort of light with just one swatch, but they they are buildable, so if you want a darker shade, it can be achieved. I think that they apply very nice on the lips though, Its really opaque, and has a beautiful gloss finish.


The applicator has a dip in the dough foot, which is great when applying in the corners, I think that the length of the applicator is great, It comes in handy when trying to apply and keep within the lip shape. I really like the lip paints, they can be compared to the Too Faced melted liquid lips, I mean they feel very much like a melted lipstick, the consistency is very nice. As a melted lipstick, it’s not tacky at all, I really like the formula, and the fact that its not sticky, or thick.



That’s all for my first impressions for the L’oreal Paris Infallible lip paints, I hope you enjoyed this little overview. Be sure to “LIKE” and “COMMENT” Tell me what you think ? Have you tried the L’Oreal Infallible Lip Paints? What’s your favorite shade? Leave me a comment letting me know what other shades you recommend me to try?


L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil haircare: REVIEW


PR Sample Box is provided by Influenster for review, all opinions are my own.


Hi Loves,

It seems like its been forever since I’ve last posted (How are you guys? ), no worries I have a lot of great posting material to talk about with you guys, plus it’s Spring Break for college students, so thats part of why I haven’t been posting, but anyways I have a great review for you guys, by all means lets get started!

So, recently I got my chance to score the L’Oreal Voxbox, and I was so excited to get a box before the product came out in Target.


The L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Collection, Is simply amazing, Lets start with the shampoo, only a quarter dab is all you need whether you have thick or coarse hair. I loved the shampoo, it lathered my hair thoroughly, it smelled super amazing, but thats not the only thing I loved about the shampoo, it also is a shampoo that keeps all nutrients in and not stripping your hair of its natural organics, like some harsh shampoos.


The L’Oreal Nourishing Conditioner, was also a PLUS. While other shampoo/conditioners combos weigh your hair down, the L’Oreal Nourishing Conditioner was super lightweight, it only took a small dab to run through my hair, and it provided full coverage. The conditioner was amazing on my hair, it gave my hair so much volume, and after keeping it in, when I went ro rinse it out, it gave me natural, healthy curls.2016-03-08-14-08-172016-03-08-14-05-15

Lastly, was the Loreal Extraordinary Oil Lustrous Oil Serum (comment *Mouthful in the comments), which is a great protector against heat, and sun damage. I am not a huge fan of split ends, (but really!! What girl is) this is the cure for split ends, heat protector, nutrients, & BONUS it smells so good. I loved this serum, I flat iron my hair almost every other week, and since I’ve been using this I haven’t really had to press it at all (NoFalsies).

Over all this is a really great product, L’Oreal never fails to make great products for hair and beauty, so I give this product 👍👍.

Here is how my hair came out ( this is 2 weeks prior of using it)

My hair is at its best, and today waa technically my “Lazy Day” so this is the simplest hairstyle to do😉😉


To get these great curls, I used my KISS Instawave.

*well that’s it, I hope you enjoyed my review, be sure to like this post, and comment on this post #spon4loreal. OH! Be sure to check out L’Oreal Paris for more products.


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Hi Lovelies,

As you can guest I’m back with yet, another post ( you know I can’t stay away from you guys) and its just my favorites and different things brought in the month of November. So, there is something else Special I want to share with you, but I’ll tell you guys at the end of the post.


  1. Okay, if you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a huge Shoefanatic, so these Just Fab shoes I got (Thanks to my mom) are a pretty big deal. I always wanted a pair of Just Fab shoes, but I never really thought they had a different selection than Shoedazzle, but comes to find out they do. These specific sneakers are named Nera they are all White with a little gold here and there. These sneakers fit perfectly and being that winter is approaching in just a couple weeks, these shoes are perfect for the upcoming season.


I mean can these shoes get any more perfect

2. My second pair of shoes from Just Fab are very “florals in Versailles” kind of Vibe. These sneakers are super floral, and though flowers are mostly Spring/Summer Print, these shoes gives me Fall/ Winter trend. These shoes are named Zannia and they are super amazing. I love the matte touch to the shoe, I feel like they could literally match with anything in my closet.


3. My next product, is a Pink handbag I got off my favorite website, JollyChic. This website is so great, they have amazing apparel, and it’s in great condition. Sometimes when you purchase something it doesn’t look like the pictures, and that’s what I was afraid of when I started my collaboration with Jollychic. I really like this site, the quality of the items are great, so I’ve learned to really like this site, they really do have great merchandize. This handbag has 4 compartments,which is great for people who carry their life in their purse, me being one of those people.


4. My last product I just received thanks to BrandBacker. I haven’t used it just yet, I wanna save that for a later post, maybe when I’m not so stuffed from Thanksgiving leftovers. Well, the product I received is based in the beauty category, and its Hask products. The Hask hair treatment comes with Conditioner, Shampoo, Deep Conditioner treatment, and a serum. I can’t wait to lather my hair with this Macadamia Oil treatment.


I love that it came with a drawstring bag❤




• So, you know that special news, My Jollychic Collaboration comes with perks for my readers. I will be hosting a giveaway, for Jollychic, $20 will be going to the winner. I mean who doesn’t want free money, all you have today is leave your name and email and a winner be chosen.(super simple)- I will keep you posted on any new updates❤❤❤