Trend Report // Animal Print

Hi Loves.

Animal Print! I feel like of all the trends, colors, and patterns that have come forward in fashion, animal print has evolved the most. I feel like in fashion we have a tendency to look at floral and pastels as a spring trend, and plaids to be fall pattern, but animal print stands out as its own independent print— this print is an all year round print that transcends versatility. (This is a PSA to go ahead and buy more of these fierce prints, it’ll do your closet justice).

Animal Print is a necessity to your closet, like enough is never enough with this pattern. Animal prints come in shades, colors, stripes & spots—offering versatility and neutrality to any look you deem wearable. Michael Kors, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, and many more have made animal print their “Bitch” when it comes to imprinting their signature style on fashion. Once upon a time, animal print was considered trashy; but I think the term critiques were looking for was “Fierce” because who doesn’t feel empowered wearing stripes of a tiger, and spots of a cheetah. Understanding this print has always been controversial but made to turn heads and give you that {*INSERT FINGER WAG*} yassss appeal.

I know for a fact that we all had that whether it was your mom or aunty that wore animal print head to toe; and when they came around you would joke or ask, “what are you wearing” (I have a few of them in the family) but as you got older, you see that the cheetah print blouse, or leopard scarf is hella chic. This print has been worn for generations and have become a gem in the world of fashion. From downtown to Uptown, New York to Jersey, loud to simple; the unequivocal print plays at all mediums and can capture the essence of different volumes, this print is no one note wonder.

When it comes to Animal Print, like the ferocious animals the prints are created behind, they go rogue during one season, and then BAM! Attack there’s animal print on the street, runway, stores, you name it. Despite the various prints, textures, and colors; this specific pattern are able to be mixed and matched with other animal prints or other categorical prints; either way you will be a statement piece. This bold print has been placed as a neutral, but it’s not your classic shades of black, grey, and taupe; this neutral can give an outfit the touch of sophistication or sex appeal, donning this with a plain tank top, or a black leather mini, playing with the levels of animal print just mean you’re not afraid to take a walk on the wild side.

Animal print is the Beyonce’ prints, PERIODT! (ALL CAPS ON THE “T”) I mean think about it: plays with volume, uncategorized, and works well with any tone…..just the BEST! The best thing about these bunch of prints, is there are no rules when wearing this print, and that’s why animal print is seasonal.

I hope reading this gives you the urge to just buy, buy, buy; and stock your wardrobe with this profound fierceness.

Dresslily Haul //

Hi Loves,

The year is coming to an end, and soon it will be bye-bye comfy sweaters and hello spring wardrobe, but I still have a few months before I hang up my coat and fur boots. I recently had the pleasure of trying a few pieces from Dresslily, whom I’ve worked with before. If you’re new to wholesale shopping; Dresslily is a wholesale site that sales the trendiest clothing of the season ranging from hats, to all sorts of accessories. Now let’s see what I got!!!!!

I brought 4 items, because fashion on Dresslily is inexpensive, but the dollas add up. First item I got was a Asymmetrical stripped shirt, when I first got the shirt, I thought it was badly stitched, and I paid for what I got, but after looking at the product over & over,I seen that it was supposed to look like that. The shirt is nice, the material isn’t bad, very soft and drapes great. The next few items were accessories, I brought a pair of wooden glasses that was only $10. In the cold season, a girl can never have too any beanies!! I brought this embellished beanie for $9, now I know it’s a little steep in pricing, but this hat was socute, and I even got creative, and added some pins to add a lil grunge-esque flavor to it. Lastly, I got 2 layered necklaces b/ silver. They both were about $4, if you grew up in the 90’s these necklaces are a must for your jewelry box.

That’s all for today, I know it was a little short, but there are more post to come! Be sure to like this post + let me know in the comments if you’ve shopped dresslily before, If so, what’s your favorite item you’ve purchased?

Under $20 Clothing & Accesories! Dresslily try on Haul!!

Hi Lovelies,

I’m back with another collaboration post to add to the collection! For the past month I have been in a recent collaboration with Dresslily, an online clothing & accessories e- commerce platform that sales affordable fashion, beauty, and other items. I have a few items that I have selected for the summertime especially, and all items are under $20, I know! So, grab your coffee & relax, because I’ll be showing you the pieces that I picked out. I will leave the links to the products in case you get an urge to make a purchase! I got you!

The first item is this Green bomber jacket that I brought for $19. This has to be one of the cutest jackets that I purchased off the site, it’s a lightweight material that is great for the summer weather, and the material is in no way stretchy; so I really encourage you to buy a size up. I love this jacket it is military styled and this green just looks great with so many color combinations.

The next few items that I have were all accessories, nothing too special, but what’s an outfit without shiny accessories!

I picked out this leather belt for $5. I really like this belt, I really have been into the whole retro mom jeans phase, and the outfit isn’t giving the feels I need until I have a belt & tucked in blouse.

Alloy Buckle Leather belt | $5

I also purchased these cute fishnet ankle socks for $4. I am slowly, but surely building my stocking collection, and I’m not talking bout Christmas! These fishnets looks so cute with highwaisted jeans; skirts, and other summer bottoms.

Now to the drip of the outfit! I purchased a few jewelry pieces. Like really, who doesn’t love jewelry? I brought 2 sets of layered necklaces; one set is a silver multi cross necklace that cost $3 and the other was a gold multi necklace w/ face art design for $3. I love these necklaces, they are so chic and just draws so much focus to your outfit. They are so feminine; yet edgy.

Lastly I brought some earrings a black pair of pin styled earrings for $1. These are so chic, I seen these so much and I had to have a pair, they are like edgy 90’s fad. Last I brought a gold ear cuff that just seemed beautiful to go with my set of piercings.

There you have it, a whole haul full of fashion and summer pieces that are guaranteed to have you dripping in summer style. I hope you enjoyed this post be sure to “Like” and let me know if you have heard of Dresslily?

Glossy Lid Look


Hi Lovelies, 

Is it just me or have the “glossy” look taken over, when I open up Youtube, or my Instagram page, there it is, So I thought I’d give a try. Here is my red glossy creation, If you want to achieve this super easy look keep reading……..

Products Used

L’Oreal True Match Foundation (W7)

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Concealer (Light/Medium)

Haviic Single Eyeshadow / NYX cosmetics Primal pigment shadows

Becca Under eye brightening setting powder

Contour Palette ( Black Radiance)

Inner corner highlight- KleanColor rainbow highlighter

Nose Highlight – Essence highlighter

Glossy Lids – Forever 21 Glitter gloss


I hope you enjoyed this glossy look, If so, be sure to “LIKE” and leave a “COMMENT” below if you’ve tried this look, If so do you like this trend?