La Perla J’aime la Nuit | First Impressions

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If you’re a perfume Junkie *raise your hand with pride* We all have been there, we find ourselves walking past the perfume and a * Drop Dead Gorgeous* bottle is saying “buy me because I’m Pretty” my entire vanity is full of perfume bottles that just make it like a luxury corner, lol.

I recently got the chance to review the La Perla j”aime la nuit, which in french means ” I love the night” for a better translation. Okay, firstly is this bottle not living up to the beauty standard, this bottle is gorgeous , and smells lovely. I have been looking for this perfume for a while, and when I finally got a chance I didn’t grab, I snatched.  It retails for $60.

The La perla perfume has such gorgeous packaging, it comes in a little black box, with a little rainbow detailing around the name.


I really love the smell of the perfume It kind of smells like the Marc Jacobs Decadence and Dior fragrance had a baby, and this would be the product. The perfume has a musk, but it also smells very sweet in not a overwhelming way.

I really like this perfume overall, it really lives up to perfume expectations, I highly recommend it, for anyone to try.

All products, compliments of Notino, one of my go to for luxury perfumes and Beauty.



REVIEW: Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer


The Product was sent to be reviewed, by Valentia x Brandbacker , all opinions are my own.

Hi Lovelies,

Today I’ll be giving my full, honest review on the Valentia Pure Glow Moisturizer, which was fun to finally get to try. For the past week I have been trying the moisturizing cream and trust me there is nothing but PRAISE for this product.


The Valentia Pure Glow moisturizer is an absorbent cream that is meant to provide all day hydration, also provides more repairs for the skin. The moisturizer protects the skin and is formulated with all natural ingredients.

I have tried Valentia products in the past, and have been pleased before, but as time goes by you kind of grow bored of using the same skin care products and need newer things ( you know what I mean). Using the new Valentia Pure glow has really been effective for the past week, supporting the skin by:

  • Lightening Dark spots
  • Restoring Skin radiance
  • Evening skintone
  • Diminish Fine Lines
  • Provide all day hydration

It is free of toxins and paraben(free) which is the natural process of repairing the skin without damaging or adding additional toxins into the skin. I loved using the moisturizing cream, the consistency on the skin felt very nice, it wasn’t at all thick; or to oily for my skin. Providing all day moisture to my skin made it easy to go through the day without wearing off.

Using this product for the week gave me a plump skin, and skin elasticity, which is a great look for the summer. The organic skin product has to be on the list of favorites for my summer skincare. Now, are my dark marks gone, of course not…its only been a week, but with time I think that they will lightened .

Overall the product was great, do I recommend this?? YAASSS, This is a really great product that takes time, but the longer you use it, the more you will see results.

If you want to purchase this product (here are the links below) The Price is $56 USD.





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Product Review | Fragrance Outlet_ Bamboo Perfume by Franck Olivier



“A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting” – Christian Dior


I have been collaborating with tons of big companies since the summer has started, most recently with Brandbacker. For the past two weeks I got the chance to try the Bamboo perfume by Franck Olivier, given by the Fragrance Outlet X Brandbacker.

When it comes to perfumes, I’m a huge hoarder, whether high end or cheap. The Fragrance Outlet is a huge department of designer perfumes ranging in the more luxury price range ( YASS! Expensive). So ,  when purchasing my BAMBOO perfume the price was nearly $80, so that basically says a lot about the perfume and the Fragrance Outlet (NOTHING IS CHEAP).

The Bamboo Perfume by Franck Olivier is literal perfection. I love perfumes that last all day, but not to overpowering, this scent is strong, but not to the point where its choking me. The smell is very floral and environmental, which is the perfect scent for the summer. Also, can we talk packaging! When my package arrived it the presentation was KILLING IT! I love packages in general, but the perfume came in a neat box, topped with a bow.




I Love the shape of the bottle, and the design has a little Bamboo plant on the bottle, its very minimal and Simple. Also, because I made a purchase I was sent 4 sample perfumes as well.


(The samples were: Thallium, Charriol, Mondaine, and Hermes)

Overall Review:

The Bamboo by Franck Olivier was a great smell, the packaging was amazing, and this scent has become my secret weapon of the summer.

If you would like to try this perfume, or any other perfume brand visit the Fragrance Outlet (here’s the link) Fragrance Outlet

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PR samples were provided by Brandbacker X Fragrance Outlet, all opinions are my own.

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