WHEN Sheet Mask Review | Collection


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My favorite things to do on my days off, other than drink a ton of coffee & watch reruns of Stranger Things, is relax with a nice facial mask. I have tried every facial mask from clay, to bubble, but one mask that I gravitate to time and time again is the sheet mask. While some mask, seem to extract all the oils, and moisture out my face, sheet mask calms any redness I have on my face, while locking in the moisture. 


When facial mask is falling into its own category of developing a collection of mask that will take care of any problematic issue, which with skin is A L O T! When has a product line, of 5 mask meant to change the skin fit for the women on the go. Lets talk about each one, shall we.

  • 10 pm | A mask meant for tired skin
  • Glamour Base | The mask for the perfect primer base, before your makeup routine, begins ( Contains Collagen and peptides to help boost the skin)
  • Snow Magic |Brightening effects to give you a natural highlight and glow 
  • Travel Mate | Rejuvenating, perfect for the women who rushes out the door]
  • The Last Choice | Hydrating, When you need a perk of moisture and skin needs a drink of water

Each mask contains a different ingredient that helps boost, tone, moisturize, and firm the skin in a matter of minutes. Ingredients like Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Vitamin B3, etc; things that help the skin to process all those last minute runs, and meetings. The bio cellulose that is held within every sheet mask is able to hold 10x more moisture than any other sheet mask, which allows the mask not to dry as fast. Is that SHADE towards other brands? No, but other brands take notes. 


I really like all the mask, the one in particular is the Snow Magic, simply because of its brightening affects. I have had a few dark marks, here and there, skincare has become a priority, keeping it healthy inside and out has changed my views on what products to use and how much I’m willing to spend. The Snow Magic sheet mask, has really great brightening affects, not that it changes your appearance or anything but the fact that it gives me a glow, and moisturizes the areas that are dead dry, I couldn’t stop using it.


These When Sheet mask are available at Sephora, click the link to find out more, about the brand and products.

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Warby Parker |NEW COLLECTION EYEWEAR ’17 (Debut Feb 15)

Hi Lovelies.

Today I am super excited to show you the newest collection of eye wear by Warby Parker. As a fashion blogger, I love to try the latest in everything, and having the right shades have to be a must have accessory in the world of fashion.



“It turns out there was a simple explanation. The eyewear industry is dominated by a single company that has been able to keep prices artificially high while reaping huge profits from consumers who have no other options.

We started Warby Parker to create an alternative.

By circumventing traditional channels, designing glasses in-house, and engaging with customers directly, we’re able to provide higher-quality, better-looking prescription eyewear at a fraction of the going price.

We believe that buying glasses should be easy and fun. It should leave you happy and good-looking, with money in your pocket.

We also believe that everyone has the right to see.

Almost one billion people worldwide lack access to glasses, which means that 15% of the world’s population cannot effectively learn or work. To help address this problem, Warby Parker partners with non-profits like VisionSpring to ensure that for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.

There’s nothing complicated about it. Good eyewear, good outcome”.

Warbys’ Spring collection of eye wear and shades have captivated the essence of femininity and metal, which is a trend that has been debuting in collections of both fashion and beauty, so eye wear is just a chic additive.

I love this company, Warby Parker, makes prescription glasses that has its own unique style and also have chic styling of no other eye wear. I am proud to be one of the few first to see the entire collection, and get to share it with you guys.

Here are just a few of my personal favorites from the collection:


These are just a few from there Spring ’17 collection, I swear by this brand you will not be disappointed, these shades come in a variety of styles and colors so you will not get bored in any way. I love the collection, I like that Warby Parker eye wear, takes on modern day fashion and style, and makes it wearable and sensible to the eyes.

The Debut is TODAY, so if this post doesn’t excite you, go check out the website for yourself, WARBY PARKER and check out the entire collection of eyewear and shades.

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theBalm Cosmetics | theBalm Jovi palette & The smoke palette

PR samples are provided by Notino, all opinions and photos are my own.


Hi Lovelies,

I’m back with another beauty haul, today I am going to be reviewing 2 palettes of the Balm cosmetics, Guys! I don’t know how much I rave about this brand, probably a lot, but I was excited to try theBalmJovi palette and the Smoke palette. So, lets get into this review, SHALL WE.



I am a huge “palette girl” I love a great drugstore brand palette, I mean I’m all for luxury brands, but I don’t like being completely broke. The Balm, if I haven’t said it before, this brand has great quality products for great prices.

Okay now for the palette, the Balm Jovi palette is a full face palette that comes with 12 eye shadows , highlighter, blush, and 2 lip shades. I never used a full face palette, I buy products individually, but I feel that this palette has its advantages, I mean you’re paying for a palette that comes literally with everything, and you’re saving a ton of money. This palette retails for $20, which is a great price for the entire palette.

This palette is so amazing the eye shadows have 4 metallic shades, 4 matte, and 4 shimmer shades. All the eye shadow shades are super pigmented, they are very creamy and I love how the shades vary they have light shades, transition shades, and dark shades also they have a few warm tone colors which I live for.


I swatched all the shades and I did have to prime my arm, I never had to do that BTW, but the shadows shows up as they do in the palette. Each swatch is 2 layers so they show up better. Okay, so the shades itself are super pigmented, they all show up nicely, they are not at all chalky, they apply very smooth, and even swatch super creamy. I like that that the palette had 3 different shade finishes ( metallic, matte, and shimmer).

The consistency of this palette is very nice I think the shades are lovely so the swatches are above. (left to right)

The first 4 are all metallic shades_

  • Metallica  ( white Metallic)
  • Iron Maiden ( Golden)
  • Led Zepplin ( Olive Green Metallic)
  • Alice Cooper (Brown w/Mauve undertone Metallic)

I really love these pigmented metallic shades, they are rich in color, and apply so creamy, I also like that they are grouped as heavy metal rock bands, all of whom I’ve listened to a billion times, these shades apply really nice with/out primer, there is a ton of fall out, but what eyeshadow doesn’t.

The MID – 4 Matte

  • Adagio ( very light brown w/white undertone)
  • Allegro (Taupe Brown)
  • Moderato ( Deep matte Purple)
  • Presto (Deep Brown)

So these 4 are all matte shades based on classical music, which is really great. I love the shades, they are very wearable warm tone shades. I like the deep purple that is in the mix. I think the shades are really pretty, the only thing is that these are best with a primer, otherwise they show up super light, barely visible with exception of the deep purple. Overall the classical shades are really nice, and  nice range of shades for the palette.

The last 4 – Shimmer shades

  • Blink 182 ( Nude Brown w/ pink undertone )
  • The Stroke ( Navy Blue)
  • Rem ( Lilac Purple)
  • Third Eye Blinded ( A fair Pink shimmer)

The last 4 are all shimmer shades, these shades are grouped based off popular rock bands. These shades have to be my favorite, they are super pigmented, and out of all the shades these 4 didn’t have as much fall out as the rest. These shades look really pretty with/without primer. The shimmer shades do have a ton of glitter, but I really like the shimmer on my eyes.

Overall the eye shades look really nice, the application of these shades all have a nice creamy consistency, I have to say the metallic shades have to be my favorite, they show up better on my eyes and the color range is wearable day or night.



Next is the Smoke Balm palette, this palette is a great palette for any day, they only contain 3 shades a shimmer black, a warm neutral shade, and a highlight shade. I really like the shades in this palette, the shades are not crazy shades, they are warm tone colors, which I appreciate.

The shades are:

  • Blaze ( shimmer Black)
  • Spark ( Matte taupe brown)
  • Flame ( highlight)

I really like this palette, Blaze and spark are my favorite, they are super pigmented and have a very rich consistency. The shades start off light, so they are buildable, the highlight shade is a little to light for my skin tone, it almost look chalky, but swatch wise its very beautiful, it looks like Ice, its kind of comparable to the champagne pop glow palette.


Here are the swatches of the smoke balm palette.

Well that’s all for my review on the balm jovi and smoke balm palette. Be sure to “LIKE” this post, and tell me if you tried either palette? Do you like THE BALM COSMETICS? If so, whats your favorite product of the brand? Tell me in the comments below.



Face on Fleek (Beauty Spin Haul) #Summerslayin


PR Samples are provided by Beautyspin, all opinions are my own.

Hi Loves,

IT’S FINALLY SUUMMMERRR!! Yasss goodbye sweater weather, Hello Mirrored sunnies and Shorts. I have been loving the weather, and with the weather changing, so is my makeup trends.

I know its visible that I have a slight obsession with Beautyspin, but I just can’t help myself, I mean great prices, quality products, & Makeup (I mean nuf’ said). I could go on & on about how much I love this site, but I want to keep this post short and sweet. Enjoy

So recently, I had the chance to review my newest picks of the month, and I wanted to pick brands I absolutely never try on the daily basis. Lets start with the eyes.


If I’m not wearing a ton of makeup, you can bet I’ll have my eyebrows on fleek #browsonfleek, am I right. I got the Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil in the shade Dark Brown. I really love this product, and trust Mama don’t play about her brows. I am a strict nyx girl when it comes to my brows, but this worked really well. It wasn’t harsh on my brows, and glided during application, it wasn’t rought like other brow pencils. I think Rimmel London might be a new go to, oh! The price was $4 (I mean the price speaks for itself).

Next is another Rimmel London product, its the Rimmel London Lip Contouring pencil in Coffee Bean. I love a great Lip Liner, this is beyond the galaxy. Like I said I really don’t usually go for Rimmel London, (unless it’s a lipstick) but this lip contouring pencil works wonders, the shade is gorgeous, the pigmentation is amazing, & the formula is very velvet “like.”  I love using this, and I’ve seriously only been using it for like a week.. I know the Love game is strong.

Next, I got the Balm cosmetics, Meet Matt(e) Hughes lip shade in Charming. I have NEVER tried anything from the balm collection, so this was my first ever product. This lipstick is so gorgeous, and pigmented, this may be on the list of favorite matte lipsticks. The color is so riche and creamy, and its super matte, Like it takes seconds to dry. I really like the color, and formula of the lipstick, the application is very creamy, and drys to a smooth matte finish. I did swatch all the shades.👇👇👇



Left to Right:

The first heart Top Left is the Rimmel London Contour Lip liner (Coffee Bean), Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil (dark brown), and bottom Heart: the Meet Matt(e) Hughes ( Charming)


Lastly, I can thank my favorite Beauty Lover, Jeffree Star for this last product. I got me a setting spray and I used to didn’t really worry to much about my makeup, but it’s getting hot, and my makeup need to be on fleek. If Jeffree Star swears by it, it must be good. I’ve been using this Avon setting spray, and it works really good. When it comes to setting spray, it doesn’t have to be fancy, it simply has to work, and this does. I love it so much.


I hope you enjoyed my Beauty post, if you liked any item in the post or makeup in general, check out Beautyspin. Tell me what you lOve about Summer??


BeautySpin Beauty Haul


PR Samples provided by Beautyspin- all opinions are my own.

So one week its Lipsticks, now more beauty products(is it christmas again). Beautyspin sent me a few things to review and try out, well I got to take my pick, and it was so much fun to try out. Here’s my Beautyspin Haul.


Kate Moss Rimmel London (Red 01)


I’ve always wanted to try Rimmel London’s Kate collection, I really dont know what held me back, so I didn’t miss the opportunity to try it. At first, I thought the red was going to be like all the other reds’ I’ve purchased, but this red is more rosy than the others that I purchased.

I also got to try the Catrice Cosmetic Calligraph Ultra slim Eyeliner. I always love getting new eyeliners, and with it being such a variety of them, this one will be the last I purchase, for now.


I love how slim and precise this eyeliner is, its like using a pen. Literally this is perfection in a thin tube. I guarantee this eyeliner does not dissapoint.



Next, I got an OPI nail polish in the shade Expresso Lane. This color is legit one of my favorites from the Touring America Collection. I love this color, and the shade is amazing ( I’ll post pics to my Insta)- I’ll leave the link below.



This product I was excited to try. The L’Oreal Micellar Water is toner and makeup remover. This water is very much a cleanser, its super light weight and smells very clean. I’ve used it maybe 3 times since I’ve gotten it, and I can already tell the difference between this cleanser and my old makeup cleansers. Overall this is a good buy.


The Valentino Body Milk and Glade candle I got was my best buys. The Valentino V( thats right Valentino)  body milk is devine, it feels it works best after I shower, but it moisturizes all day, leaving my skin smoothe and silky, especially during Winter Weather, which I dread. The Gladecozy moments” candle, smells like The holidays all over again. When I chose this product I could only think of my mom, and how she loves candles, so this was literally a gift to her. After smelling so many times I kinda want to keep it, but I think its best if I give it to her. The candle is packaged so good, but the holidays are definitely packed in that smell.


The Kallo Cosmetic line of Go go products, were really new to me. The Go go refreshing shower gel, is wonderful. The shower gel, is very smoothe and not gritty, you know when you purchase some gels and they seem to be gritty in the shower, this go go shower gel works wonderfully. This came as a free gift, and kind of glad they picked this as it.



Product Links

Kate Moss long lasting lipstick

Catrice Cosmetics Ultra Slim eyeliner

L’Oreal Micellar Cleansing Water

Valentino V body milk

Glade Cozy Moments candle

OPI nail Polish ” Expresso Lane”

 Hope You like my Beautyspin haul, tell me whats your favorite beauty product this Winter season – in the comments.


Lipstick and Koffee


Hi Lovelies,

So, recently I’ve been back and forth in my head, about creating an all based beauty blog. I’ve come to the big decision to make it, and it would just be a branch to Passion for Prada. I will be showing the latest products I’ve bought, routines, and full face beauty photos. I Love my blogging friends, and thank you for supporting my blog as much as you have.❤❤❤ I would love if you go check it out, its still in transition, but hopefully by the end of the year, it will be fully completed.


Products used:

Maybelline brow drama

ELF liquid eyeliner

NYX facial primer

Maybelline Pro Matte foundation

NYX lip butter PINK



Hope to see you guys there❤❤