Best Dressed | The Oscars 2017

Hi Lovelies,

So the most prestigious of award shows came on Sunday night, The Oscars, which was hosted by another great late night host Jimmy Kimmel. This award season has been the year of Late Night hosts, Jimmy Fallon, Kimmel and James Corden all have hosted the biggest award shows this year, and have been amazing, and while I would love to discuss the best moments of last nights show, I will only be discussing fashion, before it get to long of a post. LOL

Now, I love nothing more than talking about my favorite stars and what their wearing, so lets begin!!

“Women in White”

I love a woman in white, it usually looks so beautiful against the red carpet, and normally gets best it’s no surprise these lovely ladies would make it on the list. Naomie Harris, Chrissy Teigen, Karlie Kloss, and more all dawned white gowns, but not only that they Chrissy, Karlie, and Darby all had a long “caped shoulder” design on their gowns, now I loved it, It was so inventive, and reminded me a little of Gwenyth Paltrow in Tom Ford and Lupita Nyong’o in Ralph Lauren. My favorite out of them all was probably Darby Stanchfield in Georges Chakra,  the ruffle pattern at the bottom and along the shoulder was just so gorgeous, and her hair looked amazing with minimal jewels. I just loved her look so amazing.

“Ladies in Red”

Viola Davis and Ruth Negga both looked stunning in red. Viola Davis who wore Armani, looked amazing, she also debuted a sassy short cut, I really loved her look, gown after gown all award season she has looked her best and after winning for her role in fences she is my leading lady, I will now be looking for her to show up every award season, to WOW us with her powerful presence. Ruth Negga wore Valentino for the second time I’m really starting to think she’s the face for the designer brand. ” One time, STUN me < two time SLAY MY LIFE” she absolutely looked so beautiful and she is really winning me over with her beauty. I really love red on red, a lot of people think you can get drowned out, but these women obviously drowned me because LITERALLY DEAD!!LOL

“Hidden Figures”

The “hidden Figures” cast all looked gorgeous Taraji, Janelle, and Kirsten looked super sexy in Black. Taraji P. Henson has been killing the red carpet all season and at the Oscars she showed her award winning look. She wore a black velvet off the shoulder gown by Alberta Feretti. One gown that stole a moment was Janelle in Elie Saab, this intricate and very “complicated” detailed gown looked amazing. We know that black n white are the nominated actresses go to color, but this dress had beautiful hints of colors thanks to the jewels, she couldn’t have looked more beautiful.

“Metallic & Shimmer”

Emma Stone always kills it on the red carpet, she wore Givenchy, which took me for a loop, I thought she was going to Valentino. Emma looked so beautiful, she had so much shimmer fringe that had so much movement, and the camera caught the right light to show all the shimmer effect. Jessica Biel wore a gold Kaufman Franco gown that sparkled and shined. Jessica looked way better than the Oscar it self. I really loved both gowns but I think between the two Jessica’s dress killed it.

Well that’s all I hope you enjoyed my best dressed post. Be sure to “LIKE” this post. Did you watch the Oscars? Who was your best dressed? Who was your worst? let me know in the comments.





The Oscars 2015: Best Dressed

The Oscars this year set the maxx on funny, fashion, and movies. Neil Patrick Harris brought the funny and the stars brought the fashion. From pales to rouge to monochromatic fashion, those seem to be the color scene for the Oscars 2015, and I think it all was right.
But before the funny happened inside the building, all thing fashion happened on the Red Carpet. Last nights fashion was breathtaking, and to me I think this year is the first year for me that there was no bad fashion, no worst dressed, so this just makes my job even easier.

Let’s take a look at some showstoppers on the Red Carpet.


• These are my first group of favorites and looking at the picture can’t you tell?
– Lupita Nyong’o just OOZES easy fashionista, she’s able to pull off the hardest and makes it look easy, she was a presenter at the Oscars, but to me she looked as if she was a nominee, Oscar winning look goes to……Miss Lupita Nyong’o. Lupita wore Calvin Klein and this looked so beautiful, sources told E! That this dress was covered in 6,000 pearls, OMG! that’s a number that would blow you away. She looked amazing. Another one of my favorites was Emma Stone in Elie Saab. This awards season she has been killing it in the Fashion Department, from wearing Dior, to a Lanvin pantsuit to now a beautiful embellished gown by Elie Saab. She was a nominee for her supporting role in “Birdman” and this is how a nominee dresses, she almost had more gold on her than the Oscars statue, lol. Emma looked so beautiful, and being that this was her first time as a nominee, she looked like a pro. Next, is Jennifer Aniston, she surprised me a lot. She showed up on the Red Carpet in that beautiful Pale White Gown with so much crystalized embellishments, she wore Altier Versace and totally owned her look. I thought she was going to wear a pantsuit or a black dress, she totally amazed me as well as the world. I thought this was an amazing choice. Lastly of this first group is Keira Knightly in Valentino. Now, her usual go-to is Chanel, but I think her choice of Valentino was very flattering for her growing baby bump. At first I didn’t think much of the dress, but then I looked at some more pics of it and it looked really beautiful.

• Let’s start with the Regal, and beautiful Cate Blanchett in Armani. I love everything about Cate Blanchett, she’s beautiful, a wonderful actress, and a Regal beauty, and to top that a fashionista. This simple black gown that she chose to wear was so elegant and the pop of Turquoise blue necklace was the bow on the present. I love her, and by now everything she does is right. Next , a nominee and winner Julianne Moore in Custom Chanel Haute Couture she looked so beautiful in that white gown with the embellishments. I thought this was a very beautiful gown and it was tailored to perfection, I couldn’t find anything wrong with this gown#PERFECTION. Mrs. Giuliana Rancic who always looks gorgeous, looked so beautiful in the Red Gown with lace detailing. I love that gown she wore to host the red carpet, it look so beautiful, she’s the reason I’m in love with everything E!.

• The ladies in Red, which seemed to be the dominant color of the evening, looked beautiful. Rosamund Pike looked stunning in Givenchy she has been killing it this award season, I mean she just had a baby not so long ago, and its hard to tell. I think this was amazing and the tailoring, the color, the detail all looked perfect against the red carpet. Lady Gaga looked so beautiful in ALAIAshe performed at the Oscars and did a wonderful job. She wore leather red/rust gloves and I think that I wouldn’t like it on anyone else but her. Just getting engaged, and performing just about everywhere, she never looked more gorgeous. Another one of my favorites was Behati Prinsloo in Armani. I thought that deep rose red, and her makeup looked Flawless. She looked so elegant, and fierce. Pulling off the middle part in her hair, which was popular on the Runway at NYFW. I think she looked amazing, Best Dressed. Lastly is the beautiful and talented Anna Kendrick in Custom Thakoon. She was the first on the red carpet and I never forgot her. She looked so beautiful, I think this may be her best look ever, she looked like the star that she is and I applaud her for pulling off this look. Out of all my favorites this was in my top 5.

** okay lovelies, I showed you my favorites, but who were yours at the Oscars 2015?


The Oscars Best/Worst Dressed


My favorite awards show is just in 2 days and I’m prepared to see fashion, nominees, and celebs galore. The Oscars will be hosted by none other than funny man himself Neil Patrick Harris, and while this year we have new faces that are nominated for their 1st Oscar like Felicity Jones, and Emma Stone, I can count to see some good from these fashionistas, including a lot more stars like Rosamund Pike, and Lady Gaga. But, when there’s the best there’s also the worst.

• lets take a look back on the good and bad of the Oscars, and trust me there was some bad moments. Here are my top 10 favorite of the Oscars.

• While I can’t talk about them individually, I can only sum it up in one word..”FLAWLESS.” these women look so chic ranging from the years of 2007 to 2014. I mean Lupita Nyong’o was crowned Queen when it came to her red carpet style, and it still remains her title. I mean her twirling in that beautiful Prada gown was on point, she remains one of my timeless favorite. Who remembers that gorgeous embellished gown that Cate Blanchett wore to the Oscars via 2011? I Do, in fact like the regal goddess she is, Cate Blanchett never looks bad on the red Carpet, she knows her angles to pull that perfect picture of the dress and I applaud that. All these women that have made best dressed have made it a thousand times before, these top 10 beauties will remain in fashion history.


•If you haven’t noticed by now, this is Worst dressed😯
° When its a big red carpet such as The Oscars, you can count on someone showing up in a way that’s not going to be on best dressed.
I mean Anne Hathaway gets an exception because her change was last minute, BUT, when you’re nominated its best to look your best and this was not her moment. The cut of Anne’s dress was so wrong, and you could see the peekaboo nipple, it was just wrong. Bjork, Bjork, Bjork, this tops the worst dressed, this was the ugliest dress for the red carpet and then she had a nude body suit on, this is not something for the red carpet, terrible. Helena Bonham Carter is one of those people you kind of look for to wear something unusual but this is just overwhelming. I will let thepictures do the talking, because this is very draining.

° With the red carpet coming so soon, I am preparing my voice for the OMG! Moments, because I know I’m going to have them, be sure to tune in next week to see who made best dressed this year💋💋


Oscars 2014: Trends I Love!!!

1. Pales, Nudes, tons of sparkles:
Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett, and Jenna Dewan Tatum, just to name a few all rocked the nudes and pale tones, but they also had a lot of shimmer to their gowns. This is a great trend to end award season and start the Spring season off.
2. The Men Trend:
Okay, a lot of men seemed to all want the white or cream color jacket, I loved the trend. Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto and Ryan Seacrest all rocked the cream jacket and black pants, may I add they looked so Dapper. The other few men all wore black or deep navy blue. Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Joseph Gordon Levitt all had the trend of blues and blacks.
3. Bold&Brilliant:
Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lawrence, Kerry Washington, and Olivia Wilde, all wanted to go Dark or bold with their color choice. This trend was gorge. The color choice as amazing and they brought tons of chic to the red carpet.

These are my fave trends #Adorecelebtrends

BAFTA Awards 2014!! Celeb Gala

BAFTA Awards 2014!! Celeb Gala

When I say this brought out the best in acting, you believe me 100%. First let’s start with nominations Gravity and 12 years a Slave grabbed the most and come March 2 you can get a clear prediction of who’s gonna win the most awards. Amongst the celebs all nominees were out from the Gorgeous Lupita Nyong’o to the handsome Leonardo DiCaprio, this season Oscars will be awesome. One couple I wasso excited to see was the always sexy couple known as Brangelina. They are a couple that you always want to see on the redcarpet, they turned heads with their matching tuxedos. They played matching couple very well. We know their gonna turn heads come Oscar night. The BAFTA’s also brought out Christian Bale who looked handsome with his wife Sibi, and his Dark Knight Rises costar Tom Hardy. In fashion there were a lot that turn heads, as always Lupita stunned in Emerald Green, she looked so elegant, Cate Blanchett looked beautiful in her black glitter number and another star who turned heads was Amy Adams, the American Hustle star looked fabulous.
I have gotten myself so excited for the Oscars, I can’t wait to see all the fabulous stars, and nominated movies,the amazing night will be full of excitement.