Trend Report || 90’s Nostalgia

Many trends come and go, but the effortless styles of the 90’s is endless. All hail the 90’s! When it comes to fashion trends the nostalgic 90’s has been modernized once again. The 90s were and will remain the most revolutionary era of all time, PERIOD all caps. From the brands such as Versace, Louis Vuitton, & Tommy Hilfiger, to the celebrities that we all reference, the 90’s decade just won’t seem to go away. Here are a few fashion trends that have made its way from street styles to your closet.

If you’ve asked yourself “what can I wear that is not too heavy, but not too hot” in the midst of scrambling for something to wear, windbreakers are the perfect solution to this question. Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, and more style stars have dawned this style. Windbreakers are great, they add the perfect amount of sporty flair to your ensemble. The revival of these colorful jackets, can dress up the most basic of outfits. SHOP THESE LOOKS UNDER $50

Remember the slip dress Carrie wore to go on her date w/ Mr. Big, that style moment gave spotlight to the slip dress. The 90’s slip dress is the most influential piece of representation of when runway was at it’s height of fashion. The biggest supermodels of all time have dawned this look Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, etc; and have made a complete lookbook in how to style this summer dress. Slip dresses have made it’s official debut as a summer look, but this specific dress is no one note wonder, you can pair this with skirts, jeans, or as is; either way you;re bound to turn heads, like Mrs. Bradshaw.

Animal print is anything, but subtle when it comes to fashion. Celebrities, designers, and trendsetters have taken to the streets with this bold print style and have created a look by look style guide to creating the perfect wardrobe. Leopard print, stripes, etc. are considerably the most neutral pattern to complete an outfit, being a print on all garments like dresses, tops, shoes, handbags have been made a classical pattern in fashion. No longer is animal print just considered for fall/winter season, it can be worn as a statement yearly.

Cargo pants are all the rave this season, but what about these pants are so addictive? Cargo pants have a history when it comes to fashion. In the era of the 90’s these specific pair of pants can most likely be seen with an oversized shirt, whether it was Kurt Cobain, NWA, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Aaliyah, it was made a statement by a legendary figure. In the midst of seeing Influencers sport this contemporary look, I knew that these pants were making a comeback, when “7 Rings” debuted and Ariana Grande rocked an all pink pair for the video. Cargo pants are amongst the trends that are really cute, and stylish, why not bring these back.

I hope you enjoyed the nostalgic post, I have the links of the items within the post, so feel free to shop. Do you think 90’s nostalgia is overrated?

Fall Fashion Guide || Passion for Prada

Hey Loves,

{*Enter sigh of relief*} Fall is approaching in a matter of time, so let the fashion revamping BEGIN! I am so excited about autumn season; the horror movies, hot beverages, fashion week, and of course the endless fashion choices. Fall in Virginia can be a bit tricky when deciding “What to Wear” because it’s still coasting on the warm weather, but it’s still the season of the common cold {* enter rolling eyes*} — nonetheless Fall is about swapping out our Sandals for Booties, Bikinis for Sweaters, and Shorts for faux leather leggings. I have selected a few items from dresslily, that will add a spark to your wardrobe.

Does it come in Animal print?

Who says animal print is to tacky to be Chic? Animal print can be worn in the best of ways, pairing it with a solid color and adding accessories will add sophistication to the outfit at hand (PSA— no animal print should be worn as a complete outfit unless you’re reaching for Jersey Shore status.) haha. Click to shop my favorite animal print items.


To have a complete outfit you must have: 1. Handbag, 2. Necklace(s) 3. Rings 4, Shoes If you check off each item then you are 100%   complete. Having the right pairing of accessories will make your day, and you can get a good Instagram picture out of it. Here are some of my favorites!

{*Add Layers*}

When it comes to fall weather, layers are your friend. Scarves, Hats, belts; all are contenders of adding a subtle; yet fashionable touch.

Jackets a bunch

Denim, bomber, suede, leather; all styles of jackets that will set the tone for your outfit.

This is just a few of my favorite picks, Dresslily carries a variety of items, and now that fall is approaching swiftly this site is definitely a go to for the latest in fashion trends. Did you think you were leaving without a gift Use code:DLBF20 to get 20% OFF

Spring into Denim!

Hi Lovelies,

Finally the time for warm weather is here, wardrobe adjustment anyone. There are a ton of trends that come and go, but Denim is here to stay! I can’t tell you how many pairs and cuts of jeans I have, from boot-cut to high rise, mom jean to boyfriend, I think denim checks every box when it comes to versatility. Denim is a all time classic fabric that plays well with any trend, color, or style. I have prepared a few denim favorites that will work well with any spring collection.

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Beautyspin April Favorites (Skincare)


The PR Samples are provided by Beautyspin, all opinions are my own.

Hi Lovelies,

So I’m back with another Beautyspin haul, seriously this site is amazing. Recently I have been trying to find a great skincare routine, being that summer is approaching and my skin is basically a rollercoaster, I’ve picked out my favorites from the website. ENJOY!!


First I want to start off with my favorite which is the Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1. I was so excited because its a old favorite. I remember just buying this product, and I literally don’t know why I stopped buying it, my skin was clear when I used it. The 2 in 1 acts as a mask and cleanser, it is made to clear blackheads, as well as smoothing your skin and making pores smaller. I mean all the skin symptoms that I like to prevent.  I really like this product, its not harsh on the skin At All. I really recommend using this, because it’s free of Salicylic Acid, which I recently found out is an ingredient that can cause acne, and Dermatologist developed this formula so thats a plus. 


The Dermalogica Purifying foam gel, is exactly what is says, a purifying gel for the skin. The Dermalogica is a soothing gel, that can be used for all skin types, and heavily developed by Dermatologist. I love this skin formula, it keeps my skin nourished, at the same time clears my skin without taking away skin nutrients. I think that this is a great product for your skin, especially for people with Eczema, or any other skin problem, because in the summer, heat can be harsh on the skin and can cause heat rash, this product helps relieve itching, as well as acne. I highly recommend this, I’m not selling BS, I promise!!


Lastly, is not really dealing with skin, but more of hygiene. I love perfumes in general, but Victoria Secret, literally has me under a smell. I have purchased every single perfume from VS, and I love every smell. This particular smell is my favorite, because it’s the summer, it has a nice floral smell, which I like. I love wearing beachy and floral scents in the spring/summer, and stronger scents in the cooler seasons. I really love this smell, it has to be my favorite, because it has such a faint but nice smell to it. If you love VS, this scent should literally be on the list, because it smell so good.

Well that’s my April Favorites of beautyspin, if you see anything you like in the post check out the website👉BEAUTSPIN they have a great selection of every girls dream up there, with great products. Tell me in the comments what’s your favorite Victoria Secret Scent??