Milani Liquid Lipsticks | Metallic & Matte

Hi Lovelies,

Liquid lipsticks are a huge part of the makeup empire, and nothing is more exciting than a new launch of makeup…..okkkuurr!!! When Milani came out with their brand of metallic & matte lipsticks I headed to every store that carried it and brought what I could, cause I’m still on a budget, LOL!! I brought 2 metallic shades and 2 matte shades. I really love the formulas, They are heavily pigmented, and smells like vanilla. I do think that the product comes out a little thick, and it is very drying, it took a soccer team of products just to get it off my arm, but other than that, I still love both collections and I will 9/10 have the entire collection by the end of the month. 

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NYX Butter Glosses | Review + Swatches


Disclaimer: PR samples were provided by Beautyspin, all opinions are my own. Enjoy!!


I’m back guys with another product haul collaborating with Beautyspin, one of my favorite sites, but this time I’m reviewing + swatching the NYX butter glosses. The nyx butter glosses have been around for a while now, so why am I just now just getting them? We have been in the world of Matte liquid lipsticks, and I’ve been completely under a spell to only purchase matte products, but I am now out of it, and wanted to try these lip glosses for myself.


Being that the NYX butter collection is new to the Beautyspin website, I picked my favorite 5, which were; Peaches and Cream, Tiramisu, Devils Food Cake, Red Velvet, and Maple Blondie. The names sound delicious, and smells even tastier. By the time I swatched all the shades I had a craving for all things CAKE.

 All of the shades had a pink undertone to it, the texture lived up to the expectations of feeling like butter on the lips. The application was very smooth, rich, and creamy, it didn’t feel sticky on my lips at all.


Here are the links to the shades. (3 of the shades came together, and 2 were seperare)




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